Mike & Carol's Month (Jul)
5th - Finance Team meeting
1,8,15th - Relationship Training with Karli church (RI & DC)
8th - Leaders Meeting
9-12th - McCoy's BAU
12 & 27th - Karis Group Inc.
23-26th - McCoy's Next Level training
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Round Rock
NW Austin
Cedar Park (north)
East Austin (Mueller)
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Our Ministry

Mike & Carol Watson have been responsible for the oversight, encouragement and support of this network since we transitioned away from a more conventional 'church' structure where Mike had previously operated as a 'Pastor'. That title is no longer appropriate, in fact it's probably fair to say that there is no such thing as BridgePoint Church, therefore there is no need of a Pastor. So what do we do (a question if not always asked, often wondered).

As we rely in part upon financial support from people within and beyond our network, we felt it might be helpful to outline our responsibilities in part so that people would feel more comfortable in asking if they felt we might be able to help. We see our role as primarily 'Servants', so if there is any way we might help you, please let us know.

Here's the list with some explanation where we felt it would be helpful;

  1. Oversight of the BridgePoint Network. This involves meeting with leaders for their encouragement and support. We occasionally facilitate leadership gatherings and also look for ways to provide ongoing training and development.
  2. Individual Mentoring and Discipling. Largely this happens through regular times together over meals, in coffees shops and at places of work. Wherever proves practical.
  3. Involvement with Own Group(s). We prefer to be rooted in a community ourselves and are currently with 2 groups on a weekly basis.
  4. Connecting with People who are Yet to Believe. Looking for opportunities to build friendships with people that they might see what a Christ-follower looks like.
  5. Helping people find a Simple Church community to connect to. I am occasionally contacted by people through the website or via other friends (Tony Dale and House2House being an example) who are looking for a Simple Church. If I can help you with this, please click here.
  6. Visiting the Simple Church Groups. We endeavor to visit with each of the groups on a fairly regular basis as our schedule allows.
  7. Spiritual Direction. We make ourselves available for anyone wishing to meet for Spiritual Direction and especially encourage our leaders to do this.
  8. Home Staging & Decorating*. This is certainly Carol's area of expertise and through her small business she is able to express her creative talents and riase some financial support
  9. Marriage Preparation. We meet with couples preparing for marriage on an individual basis
  10. Marriage Counseling. Though not licensed counselors, we are trained relationship coaches and work with couples to help enrich and deepen their marriage relationship.
  11. Lead Keeping Marriages Healthy workshops with “Twogether in Texas”*. We are currently running these once a month in San Marcos, TX
  12. Training. At different times, with different groups/churches we offer training with such things as Relational Skills, Spiritual Direction/Friendships, Lifeskills (finance, knit/sew, life balance)
  13. Business training and Coaching*. We contract with CRL (Center for Relational Leadership) and directly to do relational training and coaching with companies such as McCoy’s, The Karis Group, Embrace Homeloans, Volacci
  14. Cares Team with Apartment Life. We are currently awaiting our ‘posting’ to move into an apartment community to help foster community and share the good news of Jesus.
  15. Prayer & Study
  16. Reading & Research
  17. Personal Training & Development. This is more to do with our own growth and training. Occasional events at CRL and elsewhere.
  18. Writing/Blogging. This year especially Mike is trying to regualrly write on his Blog as a way of teaching and encouraging others.
  19. Officiating at Weddings & Funerals (occasional)
  20. Liaising with other Networks including the Anglican Mission
  21. Admin & Bookkeeping
  22. Website Maintenance
  23. Working Out ... to try to keep some semblance of physical fitness!

The items maked with an asterisk (*) are duties for which we receive some remuneration. With the exception of Carol's small business, all income we do receive is funnelled into the BridgePoint Network's account to help provide for our financial support. We still largely rely on people's direct donations to support our ministry and for that we are extremely grateful. We are also grateful to Matt Karli, Mark Smith and John Fonner who meet with me as a Finance Team to provide accountability and support for the management of our finances through BridgePoint. If you would like to support us or have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.

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